Cottage in Bucha

The largest and brightest room in the house is, of course, the living room with kitchen, where the whole family will spend the most time. So we made this space open and very functional. All windows to the floor, and the sofa is not deployed to the wall, as everyone is accustomed to, but to the largest window overlooking the courtyard.

The second floor is a private area with bedrooms and a guest room. The master bedroom is combined with a wardrobe and has a private bathroom with a bathtub and a large corner window overlooking the forest.

To decorate the facade and terrace, we decided to use heat-treated pine boards to give the house a Scandinavian style. On the roof there is a metal seam of graphite color, which contrasts with the wooden facade and adds conciseness to the house.
To adjust the proportions, the roof was raised by one and a half meters, and to make the house more light, we widened all the windows as much as possible and lowered some of them to the floor.

Villa Space

Villa Space on Sri-Lanka is a small hotel with few rooms and common lounge zone, terraces, swimming pool, and a hall for yoga classes. Also, the place has a building for personnel with a kitchen, laundry room, and additional guest rooms. But the main thing is, of course, the territory, the view on the ocean! Villa is in the heights, and it’s hard to reach there even on a moped. After the climb, though, you realize it worthed it! From the terraces guests can see the ocean through palm trees, even hear the waves; a lot of trees are around: mango, tamarinds, date palms – all of it is drowning in green. We tried to make a design that will help guests relax in this atmosphere: absolute freedom, openness, natural materials are dominant in floor plans – as well as in every detail of the villa.

Working on the architectural project, we collaborated with Gennadiy Lieshchuck, and that was an unforgettable experience! We started with schematics. Thought through the function of the buildings, defined the area where they will be situated, modelled relief formations accordingly with data and layout of Shi Lankan geodesists. Then, we started working with the form of the building. We chose the building with colonnades enclosing the building’s perimeter and a tile hip-roof with a large overhang that protects from the sun and rain. At the same time, we created interior designs and floor plans with Dmitriy Zaporozhets, worked through kitchen configurations with Vova Tashev; right now, that kitchen is the source of wonderful breakfasts (and not only them) for Villa’s guests.

The project has lots of interest details and solutions worth telling about. For instance, shower rooms under the open sky, teak flooring, high ceiling in the living room and long stairways, like in Buddhist temples, etc. – we can talk about them for hours. But it’s impossible to convey the sheer joy and vibes of this place in text: you should be there, relaxing, calming your mind with a starlit sky and sunsets and animals living around. Then you should exchange the tickets to come back home later: maybe next week; maybe next month.

This project is one of the most spontaneous, unique and beautiful things we have an honour to add in our portfolio. It was an amazing experience, lots of new people, and falling in love with Sri-Lanka and its culture.