Cottage in Bucha

The largest and brightest room in the house is, of course, the living room with kitchen, where the whole family will spend the most time. So we made this space open and very functional. All windows to the floor, and the sofa is not deployed to the wall, as everyone is accustomed to, but to the largest window overlooking the courtyard.

The second floor is a private area with bedrooms and a guest room. The master bedroom is combined with a wardrobe and has a private bathroom with a bathtub and a large corner window overlooking the forest.

To decorate the facade and terrace, we decided to use heat-treated pine boards to give the house a Scandinavian style. On the roof there is a metal seam of graphite color, which contrasts with the wooden facade and adds conciseness to the house.
To adjust the proportions, the roof was raised by one and a half meters, and to make the house more light, we widened all the windows as much as possible and lowered some of them to the floor.

Sosnova apartment

The configuration of the flat was not standard, but that was the most interesting part. We divided it into zones, situating living rooms, restrooms, and bedrooms on the first level, and working and resting spaces, guest bedroom and dressing room – on the second.
We joined the kitchen and living room, and visually separated it from the corridor with a decorative wall. Second lighting and large windows with a clear view of the pines added the bright note to the room. Lots of light and free space allowed us to build the interior design in the shades of dark and use our favourite black as the main colour.

The kitchen was minimalistic, very comfortable, with a bar counter for breakfast and a dining zone with an oval table. We placed the couch at the centre of the room to divide the zones; put an electric fireplace under the TV (+100 to your cosy points). This room is kinda our favourite!

Kid bedroom took two levels. On the first level, we placed a dressing room, desk where children could study with a good posture, and large shelving for them to shove all the toys into, if they need a quick tidy up. Near the stairway, we placed a podium for resting – there, they could watch cartoons among the soft pillows. In such a way, we managed to free up space for games without making it cramped.

The second level looks more like a greenhouse with a view on the living room and a lounge. Here, we designed a work zone with a desk, but honestly, we have no idea how people are going to work there, that place is too relaxing.

Also, the second level comprises a mini-room with an attic window and a large dressing room/cupboard, where they’d be able to put their clothes, leave a snowboard, kids scooter, and keep a year-worth stack of snacks safe. All important things, covered.

We lead the project online, as the flat is in another country. Obviously, the presence of the project’s lead designer on the site is important, but remote can be efficient, too: we used chats, videocalls, chose things from images and photos, etc. Before the construction begins, the main thing is to get through all details and come up with really accurate, high-quality sketches and plans, and that is what we do excellently!