Dental Clinic WHITE

So, on the basis of that idea, we created a light interior design. Every surface is coloured in different variations of matt and glossy white colour. We added the effect of spectral dispersion as an emphasis to the calm atmosphere: this way, we’ve got panels, doors, and glass screens, covered in a special membrane called a chameleon. We put multicolour LED backlighting on the ceiling

To plan a layout of all rooms properly, we figured out how X-ray, sanitizer, drill for all-ceramic crowns and other specialised tools work. It was challenging and very interesting. The clinic includes three dental cabinets, sterilisation room, in-house lab and X-ray cabinet. It also has a photo zone, where patients could make a shining smile selfie

We designed the majority of modular furniture – like a reception desk, wall panels, drawers and tables – in a cut form, to remind of a gemstone

Also, we used glass, stainless steel sheets, and plastic in the design, to add the vibe of technology and modernity to the picture. Below, we lay poured polymer flooring, suitable for the environment of medical facilities requiring high hygiene and resilience

The design of the WHITE clinic is one of the most interesting projects for our studio both because of the concept and of the process we’ve been engaged in