WDP Wudang Principles

While we worked, we met Medelyan brothers – Vyacheslav and Yurii, martial arts masters and followers of Ismet Himmet-daoshi, the founder of WDP school. To complete our floor plans, we found out what Wing Chun was and researched the traditions of tea ceremony in China. To create a concept for the interior, we took inspiration from pictures of Chinese temples and watched lots of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies.

The tearoom is created with traditional Chinese style in mind: there are fabric wall panels, framed with wood ornament; we used a red ceiling and a table for tea ceremonies as an accent. On the open shelves stand statuettes, dishes, books, and so on.

We used a lot of black colour and natural wood in the school’s interior design; placed replicas of Chinese paintings on the walls. The atmosphere of the place is completed with warm, a bit muted lighting and a collection of cold training weapons around the hall. You can punch the wooden dummy here – just like the movies!

As a result, in Kharkiv, at the Kosmicha street appeared a building: a collected construction with a white facade, black roof and wooden elements used as decoration. Inside of it, a unique school of Chinese martial arts is working — there, you can not only learn how to wave your hands and legs to defend yourself but study WuDang philosophy — and relax in a cosy tea room after the training.