Palladium Cinema

Palladium is the first chamber cinema in Kharkiv. Even before the expansion, there were folding chairs, small halls and the ability to watch movies with a glass of wine. During the reconstruction, two more rooms on the top floor, as well as lobbies and seats along the front glazing were added to the three rooms that we had designed in 2012

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Kharkiv, Ukraine

Project Area:

250 sq.m.


Kostyurinskiy Lane, 2

49°59'18.0"N 36°13'59.9"E

Nikita Feoktistov

Tetiana Feoktistova

Photo credits:

Ivan Avdeenko

In the new Palladium Cinema, we implemented everything that we had in mind. The emphasis of the new halls is wall panels with hidden lighting. Niches with built-in sofas and console tables appeared in the bar area. White corridor with linear LED backlighting has become the most popular place for photographs. And most importantly – along with the panoramic windows there is now a viewing area from which a stunning view of the city center opens