Cottage in Bucha

At the time of starting work on the project, the main part of the cottage had already been built by the previous owner. So it limited our decisions, but sometimes it's even more interesting! For this house, we developed the design of the facade, courtyard and all the interiors, combining all this into one style.

Project info


Project Year:



Kyivskyi region, Ukraine

Project Area:

200 sq.m.




Nikita Feoktistov

Tetiana Feoktistova

Vladyslava Nozdrachova

Valeriia Doshchanska

The largest and brightest room in the house is, of course, the living room with kitchen, where the whole family will spend the most time. So we made this space open and very functional. All windows to the floor, and the sofa is not deployed to the wall, as everyone is accustomed to, but to the largest window overlooking the courtyard.

The second floor is a private area with bedrooms and a guest room. The master bedroom is combined with a wardrobe and has a private bathroom with a bathtub and a large corner window overlooking the forest.

To decorate the facade and terrace, we decided to use heat-treated pine boards to give the house a Scandinavian style. On the roof there is a metal seam of graphite color, which contrasts with the wooden facade and adds conciseness to the house.
To adjust the proportions, the roof was raised by one and a half meters, and to make the house more light, we widened all the windows as much as possible and lowered some of them to the floor.