JZL restaurant is located on Velyka Vasylkivska Street, in a 1950s building. This is a historic place, and we could not expand and change the area of ​​the space. So we worked with a small dining hall, which managed to create a unique space and atmosphere of the best city cafe in Kiev!

Project info


Project Year:



Kyiv, Ukraine

Project Area:

192 sq.m.


Velyka Vasylkivska str., 36

50°26'16.7"N 30°30'56.3"E

Nikita Feoktistov

Vitalii Sobchenko

To emphasize the scale of the space, the inner window slopes were lined with wooden panels. And the shelves of the bar were made to the ceiling and framed by a classic wooden portal. As an accent, we have chosen a blue-green color for the bar counter, window sill and one of the walls.

Usually we try to hide all the ventilation, but here we did not lower the ceiling, so we had to mount the communications in an open way. And we came up with a construction of a metal pipe that frames the ventilation and air conditioners, while serving as a fixture for lamps and a multimedia system. Pipes and all open communications were painted black, and the ceiling was left white, giving a graphic design.

Furniture for the restaurant was made in Ukraine according to our sketches. We also developed lighting fixtures for this project, which were made by the guys from the Garage Hub. And Dmytro Zaporozhets complemented the interior with an unusual decor and a collection of books, which was placed on the shelves opposite the entrance to the restaurant.
A super cool feature of the bar is a huge graffiti by the famous Kharkiv artist Hamlet Zinkovsky.

JZL is a unique place with everything: the aroma of pastries and coffee, simple and delicious food and cocktails. Despite the closely located places and relatively small area, this is a legendary place for Kiev and everyone just has to visit here!